Best Chromebook Note taking apps 2016

Best Chromebook note taking apps

Chromebooks have indeed given a new dimension to the way laptops have been used. It has made the user experience smooth and convenient with the numerous amazing app that it offers. Chrome runs faster and smoother as compared to the others. And having a browser experience on Chromebook has always been very authentic and very basic reason behind it is that Chrome OS is designed to run the Chrome browse better than anything else. Many people who have extensive use of PCs or laptops in their work life have preferred Chromebooks over the others.

One common need that people face at work, or even at home while using a laptop/desktop is the need of taking notes of various things. And this is usually urgent, so one needs a handy way of doing so. The various note taking apps for Chromebooks serves the purpose quite well. Let us have a look at the few of the best Chromebook note taking apps as follows:

  • Google Keep: This one is the boss app for note taking and that is the reason it is being loved so much. It is an excellent app to make digital sticky notes and allows you to make use of both the image and the text to make notes on. With an interesting feature of to-do list it is really helpful in reminding yourself of the multiple tasks that are to be finished in a particular amount of time. Say if you liked some article on a site and you need to save it. So this app can have you make a bookmark of it as a sticky note on your desktop. With simple and user friendly interface Google keep is really an amazing note taking app for Chromebooks.


  • Evernote: it is considered to be one of the must have apps for making notes of the ideas and taking notes of small things that you often tend to forget but are really important for you. This app allows you to save all the notes and bookmarks in a common place and allows also the facility to access them from different devices, anywhere in the world. With extra features like creating to-do lists and audio notes this app is worth a download for many reasons.
  • Quick note: this is another wonderful note taking app for Chromebook. There are times when you just need to make some light weighted notes, for example noting price level of stocks. This is designed specifically for such needs. There are more than one way in which you can use this tool like just a notepad, a simple scratch pad or a clipboard. Some extra features offered by this app are like being able to search your own notes and accessing them at just one click. With the advancements in cloud computing, you can sync your data from the app in the form of notes and access them anywhere you wish to.

So, choose the app as per your needs and make your life simpler, easier and better.