Best Chromebook Music Player Apps

Google Chrome is moving at a high speed towards being all one needs to have on an operating system. For a recent buyer of a Chromebook, the Chrome App store is going to work out at most of Google’s platform. One can edit pictures, play music, manage finances, respond to emails, etc. Although Chrome has its own music player, it’s a cloud oriented system. However, many of the users prefer enjoying stand alone music player applications. Such apps have more features as well as more storage capacities. One can easily play local files without the need to upload them to the internet first. So here is a list of suggestions about the most useful and easy to use music player apps for the Chromebook users.

Top 4 Chromebook Music Player Apps:

  1. Remo: While Chrome operating system has its own music player available as discussed above, its user interface is more than simple and thus may become boring at times. Remo on the other hand is all that one is friendly and accustomed to. It simply requires to drag and drop the song from File manager. Further, one can select whatever he or she wishes to listen. It also has the feature to control one’s music files with their smartphone.


Key Specifications:

  • Space bar for Playing or Pausing.
  • Enter Key for playing currently selected file.
  • Left/Right Arrow Keys for playing next/previous file.
  • Up/Down Arrow Keys for browsing to select the song from the playlist.
  1. Spotify: Even though not being a native application of Chromebook, Spotify can be utilized to play and control music with the help of its fats keyboard shortcuts. However, certain users may find these combinations of keys a bit typical to get accustomed to, but on the other hand, these shortcuts allow to control and play music even when the music player is minimized. It also allows the user to set any key combinations for the same tasks by following these simple steps: Open Extensions > Key Shortcuts > Then go to Spotify Web Player Hotkeys.


Key Specifications:

  • Alt-Shift-P: For playing or pausing songs.
  • Alt-Shift-Period: To move to the next song.
  • Alt-Shift-Comma: To move to the previous playing song.
  1. Enjoy Music Player: This app allows one to play and control local music as well as online music with utmost comfort and ease. In its latest version, updating of the song list from the location one chooses, when one delete, rename or move media files, is being done automatically. It also features Google drive integration, for streamlining music from one’s Google Drive account.


  1. Music Song Player: This one is for the people who like to listen to great music for free. There’s no registration its just one click process. This innovative application puts the entire favorite music just a click away. Be it rock, pop, country or any genre, everything’s available here. All that needs to be done is pick a song of interest and then click on play. It accommodates an endless list of all new and classic tracks from all around the world. It is powered by YouTube.