Best Chromebook Multiplayer Games

Games on Chromebooks, more interesting than ever

Google Chromebooks are known for their simplicity and affordability and that is one of the few reasons for them being so popular. As they are primarily intended for surfing the web, checking and sending mails etc. but the Chromebooks have gaming capabilities too.

There are many games already available on the Chrome web store which can be downloaded and enjoyed on your Chromebooks. And as now apps from Google play store will also be available on Chromebooks it will altogether make the gaming experience more amazing and you will never wish like leaving it as gamer know how addictive games can be.


Games have been always one of the favorite past time for teenagers and adults too depending on their respective choices for the games. Some people like games with cognitive abilities involving maths or calculations while some go for thrill and action kind of taste in the games.

There are enormous numbers of games to choose from across various categories and hence you can find some really good games as per your interest in sports, arcade, action etc.


Some of the popular multiplayer games on Chromebook are:

  • Tank Riders: There are some games which don’t require much use of tactics. All you need to do is just point at a tank and shoot. Bomb down the walls and emplacements using canons and rockets. You need to drive your tank through the difficult maze and steer through the obstacles and try to come out alive on the other end. With vibrant colors this 3D game is really attractive because of its graphics and fast action.

Developer: Polarbit3

Price: Free

Category: Arcade and Action

  • Airmech: It is a real time multiplayer game which is played in an online battle arena with a theme of post apocalyptic world. Airmechs are the robots with transforming capabilities and fight control techniques too. A player needs to lead his army to the enemy’s base and destroy it completely. This is a four star rated game with more than 1700 votes on the app store.

Developer: Carbon Games

Price: Free

Category: Action-Strategy


  • io: it is a game about the rule eat or be-eaten. Players in the game join and a world of cells and these cells eat up the smaller cells and hence keep growing. This is an expansive multiplayer game in which there is always someone bigger than you and who knows you might be the next one to go. The game has a 3.5 star rating and over 500 reviews. The game is popular because of its simple controls and massive multiplayer level competition that allows simple concept with a complex contest experience.

Developer: Miniclip

Price: Free

Category: Action

With latest upgrades and developments these games never fail to surprise us. With a new game coming up every now and then there many options to explore and choose. And now as the Google play store is going to be available for Chromebooks, all those games which you enjoyed on your mobiles can be played on the Chromebooks too.