Best Chromebook Expense tracking app

Chromebooks have redefined the way laptops have been used. They have made the user experience smooth and convenient with thousands of apps that are available on the web store. As the Chrome OS runs faster and better as compared to the others in its peers, so the performance is obviously way better.

While using Chromebook browser experience is always very authentic and appealing. Many of the apps on the Chromebook are very useful in the daily lives and utility. One such need is that of managing the daily expenses, monthly household budgets, keeping a track of miscellaneous expenses, etc. When one works hard to earn money, some little efforts can be taken to manage where it is spent too.  There are several apps for this purpose of the chrome web store. Let us look at some of the best Chromebook expense tracking apps.

  • Good budget: It is an online budgeting tool to help you manage your budget well, so that you live your life well and do better at managing it. This app is based on the envelope budgeting method to help you in spending, saving and in prioritizing your expenses in life. The app allows you to share the knowledge of your expenses, your budgets with the people who matter the most.Other features like recording transactions, envelope transfers, adding or removing specific amounts, etc. can also be done. One can also track the balances in accounts using this app. You   can also set the frequencies of budgeting as per your convenience like monthly, weekly,               fortnightly etc. To access reports and comparison of your expenses like month wise, week           wise etc. The data gets automatically backed up to the website and there is no fear of losing the data. The app is optimized for the speed and hence doesn’t reduce the performance of the           device.


  • Personal Finance: It is one of the free apps available to manage the personal finance and track your personal expenses. It allows you to add the multiple tag lists to get a better idea of your spending habits. Features like organizing your accounts in folders and sharing them with your family and friends. It is a very useful tool to manage the home expenses as well.


  • My Rupee tracker: It is also a free app which serves the purpose of recording expenses and incomes for your personal needs. This works in a simple way on the chrome browser. All you need to do is just record the daily expenses and incomes and leave the rest of the app as it will manage on its own completely. You can also categorize the expenses and incomes in the app with an interesting feature of setting up the limits for the expenses that you incur. You can also add extra comments to someone time expenses distinguish them from others.


It is always considered as a good habit that one is able to manage the expenses and keep a track of them with respect to one’s income. And Chromebook apps certainly make it easier to do.