Best Chromebook Email Apps 2016

Chromebook has proved to one of the finest technological products as it has made the browsing easier, better and faster. The people who have a daily usage of this realize the changes Chromebooks have brought in and the ease which it has provided to do various tasks. With lots of apps available for various tasks, the popularity has been tremendously increasing around the world.

One of the very basic and important functions which are performed on laptops is checked, sending and receiving emails. Emails are really an integral part of the life at professional level. And for students as well they are a major source of sending and receiving important documents. There are many amazing apps for managing emails on Chromebooks as well. Some of the best Chromebook email apps are as follows:


  • Cloud Magic: this is an amazing app which works pretty well with Gmail, exchange, Office 365, yahoo, cloud and Outlook. It is an award winning app with features like instant push notification for all the mail types irrespective of the mail service you use. The app uses the power of cloud to send you reliable push notifications.The app allows you to connect with various tools, save emails to Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote,one note etc. and may more apps. Also, it provides complete support for Microsoft exchange.The better organizing options that the app provides are also amazing. As the app has features like synchronization of folders important to you and get notifications for the new mail folder wise. It is possible to have a count of the each new folder’s unread mails. The apps run offline as well.
  • Gmail Offline: The app works exactly what it sounds like. Being an offline version of the Gmail, it uses a cached version of the Gmail data and lets you respond to the mail even when you are offline. The mail will be sent as soon as you connect to the internet. It is the perfect one for you if you are a business person who has to travel a lot. The app allows you to keep pace with your online work even at times when you are not able to have internet access. While installing the application, allow it to work in the offline mode and that is it.Emails have seen a great rise in their usage and importance with time. From promotions to communications, bills to pictures slowly the usage has diversified and expanded at a great pace. So in this busy life there is always a respect for efficiency and that’s the reason Chromebook email apps are so loved and preferred over others. Chromebook being so efficient in itself and with the combination of these apps it makes up to be a complete package for the users who know the value of time.  So to experience the amazing features and high quality performance that will make your life more comfortable and manageable for sure you must try using email apps on Chromebooks for handling the mails in a better way.