Best Chromebook E-reader apps

Chromebooks have become an integral part of work spaces everywhere these days. The easy administration it requires, its quick set up and improved hardware specification have brought it a good credibility with respect to other competitors. They are considered as a meaningful replacement for the conventional laptops in the business places.

Chromebooks have many interesting features like built in voice search, a photo editor and a PDF viewer which is very commonly required. For the office works Chromebook offers Microsoft office document viewer and readers, which work offline without internet access. There are many business ready tools that the developers of Chromebook have brought in for chrome. They are available in the forms of apps to have a quicker access to them when needed. One such category of apps that are quite useful for workplaces is the E-reader apps. Let us have a look at the some of the best Chromebook E-reader apps.

  • E book offline reader: This is an offline enabled app that allows you to read eBook files. The app works on any device which has chrome installed in it. The app proves out to be very handy on Chromebook as it lets you read books in offline mode. This app also allows to open Epub eBook files with the Chrome OS file browser by doing a double click on the file
  • Kindle cloud reader: this app is offered by Amazon and it is a browser based app that works very well on Chromebooks and is supportive to work in offline mode. You need to login into this cloud app using your kindle/Amazon account and lets you to have access of various items and download them too. Features like viewing bookmarks, notes, and more is also available on this browser based app. And the most amazing features is that Amazon’s Whispersync technology allows to pick up on your Chromebook from the point where you had left last time reading it on some other device.

This app is available on the chrome web store and be installed from there. And with customization in reading about the font size, background color, columns and margins etc. the experience is very comfortable.




Apart from these two apps, Google books site can be also used a good eBook reader for the Chromebooks. The site Google books also have an enormous collection of various books which are categorized into different types so that users have one picked as per the desired genre they are looking for. Reading books has been a favorite past time for many of us. And it is such a thing that it will continue to be a passion for people. And with this trend of reading eBooks, it has facilitated the hobby of reading to a great extent.

With such e-Reader apps on Chromebook it makes the experience of reading more comfortable and soothing. We can expect more apps which can come up in the future in the e-Reader category which will surely meet the expectations of avid readers and improve the reading experience.