Best Chromebook Data Recovery App 2016

 Chromebook are easy to use and  stays fresh all by itself, means it has features to keep automatically update. Speed of Chromebook is one of the attractive qualities. It won’t slow down over time.

In today’s day to day life computer, internet plays a crucial part, Digitization has become a part of life, and data are the most important part of it, everything revolves around it. What if this data is lost due to any reason? This will affect everything. There comes recovery in the picture. Where there is data involves recovery tools are important aspects.


Best Chromebook Recovery App

Chromebook has its own recovery tool which allows you to keep your data safe and provides flexibility to retain it back if anything goes wrong in the system. There are many other recovery Apps also which can be used in Chromebook to recover data. Few are discussed below,

Chromebook recovery utility: Chromebook recovery utility is used to create recovery media. Two necessary tools require before using this recovery utility.

  1. One of the storing media which have minimum storage capacity up to 4GB.
  2. Extra Mac computer, windows or Chromebook in which chrome browser is installed. This extra windows, Mac computer or Chromebook required only when, if your Chromebook is not working well.

Chromebook recovery utility app can part of your device, if you follow few steps

  • Install the app and then identify your Chromebook.
  • Insert a storage device.
  • Now recovery image can be created and you can recover your Chromebook also.

OnHub Recovery Utility:  OnHub recovery utility creates a recovery USB drive for your OnHub. You just need a minimum 4GB or larger USB drive. Following are some step which is to be followed while installing this app.

  • Install and open the OnHub recovery utility app.
  • Identify your OnHub.
  • Insert and select your USB drive.
  • Now you are able to create recovery image.

ADSL account recovery tool: with an ADSL account recovery tool is able to provide your password required connecting the internet if you forget it. Following are a few methods to recover your password.

  • If your internet connection is based on a router, you can use AsterWin IE utility. This is one of the oldest utility, after opening it with your password will be recovered automatically.
  • If same password is used for email account and internet connection. You can try to use the Mail Pass View utility. If your password is stored by email software then this utility will provide your ADSL password.
  • If your internet connection is based on windows operating system, you can use the Dialupass utility. After running this utility your password is recovered instantly.

Lazarus: Form Recovery:  it is not possible to lose whatever you write if you have Lazarus: Form Recovery. You can get back your data just by clicking and selecting ‘recover form’. It can automatically save everything you type. If you have this app, you no need to worry about server timeouts, network issues, browser crashes, power failures and other internet problems because it safely recover your data.