BBM For Chromebook

Chromebook is an innovative combination of a laptop and a tablet. It is easy to use and have an excellent battery backup. They are automatically updated so as to experience a completely secured and virus protected device. It doesn’t require any set up, one just needs to login in to the Google account. It starts very quickly, without any long loading time problem. It stays connected with other devices and therefore one can pick up their work right from where they left. Chromebook can give the best of the Google experience to anyone, offering multiple third party apps making life much simpler and easier. Everything right from Gmail, Maps, Documents to Images, videos, etc is safely stored in the cloud. BBM is also one of the third party apps which a famous messenger app.a long-life battery


Features of BBM:

  • The app has the feature to ping anyone, which is not usually seen in other apps
  • The notification on BBM pop up quickly and instantly, so that one doesn’t miss out on anything important.
  • One of the most brilliant feature of the app is Private Chat, it allows people to have a private chat regardless of contact names or new messages
  • Such chats also self destructs after certain specific time period.

Steps to Download BBM on Chromebook:

  1. The first step is to download and install Blue Stacks. One can go for the version as per your choice and then run the installer.
  2. Open Blue Stacks, it will run you though certain initial configuration and set up though Google account.
  3. Go on the Search icon on Blue Stack, type BBM. Click on the search result and then press Install.
  4. After installation, click on open to launch BBM. Set up with a BlackBerry ID and it is ready to be used on your Chromebook after certain initial setup.