Aseprite for Chromebook

Aseprite on Chromebook : Aseprite is a well-known tool used for 2D animations in field of video games. Aseprite is very useful in viewing, editing and creating sprites, Pixel arts and retro style graphics of 8 and 16 bit.

Aseprite enables you to edit, resize and animate all image formats. It can manipulate image frames easily to handle several layers on same page. Aseprite is a paid version software available for all operating systems on a low price. The best thing about Aseprite is that it also recovers your sprites in case of crash or disk failure.


Features of Aseprite

  • Several animations in one atlas
  • Automated image conversion Command line Interface
  • Recover sprites if a crash happens
  • Animated GIF and PNG sequence
  • Customization of dithering by brushes
  • Tiled and blend mode support
  • Complete Palette control
  • Alpha channel module
  • User friendly color harmony option
  • Onion skin mode for multiplayer editing
  • Playback and red/blue modes
  • Frame tagging

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How to Download Aseprite for Chromebook

Installing Aseprite using Play Store

  1. Check if your Chromebook is compatible for installing Android apps: Chromebook Play Store Compatibility
  2. If your Chromebook is compatible, then you can install Play store by following these instructions. After that search for “Aseprite ” and install the app on your chromebook.
  3. If your Chromebook is not compatible you can download the Play store apk and installing it manually, After that you can follow the steps mentioned above to find the “Aseprite ” app and install it on your device.

Installing Aseprite using Chrome Browser

  1. If the software is not available on Play store, then you can try finding “Aseprite” on the chrome web store.
  2. Open chrome browser and go to the Web store, search for “Aseprite ” and install it.

Install Aseprite using Rollapp 

  1. If the “Aseprite” software is not available on chrome web store, then you can go to Rollapp, a useful website to access software online from any device.
  2. Go to the Rollapp website and search for “Aseprite ” and use the application online.