Chromebook is an operating system which runs on laptops. It is meant for everything that you love to do. It is primarily a product of Google but it is also sold by Google’s retail partners. They are designed to be used when connected to internet and allows you to access various applications by Google like Gmail, Google calendar, Google keep and Google drive in offline mode. They are easy to use and have in-built virus protection.

Chromebooks have interesting features like built in music player, voice search, a photo editor and a PDF viewer which are very commonly required. For the office works Chromebook offers Microsoft office document viewer which works offline without internet access. The Chromebooks now boot from Coreboot which is a fast booting BIOS.

There are thousands of apps compatible with Chromebooks which can be downloaded on them and used easily. Chromebook also supports weather apps, note taking apps, games and more such interesting applications. It provides a smooth and convenient browsing experience as well and hence fulfills a very basic requirement quite well. It doesn’t slow down over time and updates itself for free so that latest version can be experienced without much lag or delay.